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High-Performance Without the Hassle

Transitioning your home to high-performance windows and doors is a decision that’s sure to save you time, money and energy for years to come. However, many homeowners find committing to this change quite difficult, especially financially. While the benefits of high-performance home products are ample, the costs of transforming your entire home can be hard for some families to justify. If you’re unable to pay for the costs of replacement upfront, don’t worry. There are several options available to help you cover the cost of your project. From promotions and home reno rebates (currently being offered by Union Gas) to flexible financing, there’s always a way to accomplish your goals.

At The Window & Door Centre Inc., we recognize that making home updates can be stressful. Our job is to ensure each of our clients feel comfortable and enabled to make these important decisions for their home and family. Our personalized approach and adaptable financing programs (available through Home Trust) make it easy for clients to understand their options and feel secure in their choices. Additionally, our current 0% Down, 0% Interest, 0% Hassle Promotion allows you to defer all payments until 2020*, helping you save for your project without postponing installation.

As you can imagine, one of the major benefits of financing your project directly through The Window & Door Centre (in association with our partner, Home Trust) is convenience. Our Window & Door Specialists are experts at simplifying the process, providing you with a precise cost estimate and ensuring your qualification quickly and efficiently. Take the first step towards achieving your high-performance home goals. Contact a member of our team to schedule a showroom or in-home meeting to learn more about your product, installation and financing options. Let’s talk windows and doors!

Why Transition to High-Performance?

  • Save on Energy Costs
  • Increase Security
  • Boost Curb Appeal
  • Reduce Carbon Footprint
  • Combat Climate Change

*The Window & Door Centre Inc. reserves the right to end this promotion at anytime, without notice. OAC. Minimum purchase required. $0 deposit only when total contract is financed.